HIGH IQ IS NOT KEY: Another form of intelligence will bring you career advancement and personal development

HIGH IQ IS NOT KEY: Another form of intelligence will bring you career advancement and personal development

The psychologist singled out traits and behaviors that enable socially intelligent people to make constant business and personal progress.
Social intelligence is the ability to build successful relationships and navigate through a variety of social situations. Numerous studies have confirmed that this is exactly what plays a key role in creating a successful career.
“No matter how well-read you are, if you don’t get along with other people, you won’t achieve your goal. The difference between a good and a great career comes down to how socially intelligent you are, ”said the manager.
Also, according to a study of happiness conducted at Harvard, money and fame do not make us happy, but our social connections.

It is therefore useful to know what traits and behaviors allow socially intelligent people to continually advance in their careers and personal lives.

Dr. Karl Albrecht argues that people with high social intelligence share five traits.

1. Awareness of the situation
Before starting a conversation with someone, socially intelligent people study the room to ‘soak up’ other people’s emotional states, their intentions and interaction.

So, start by studying the behaviors and moods of those around you before you approach them. You don’t want to talk about your great day when your interlocutor doesn’t look the happiest.

Albrecht argues that through the study of verbal and nonverbal communication of interlocutors we can get an idea of ​​their personalities and social dynamics.

Do they look approachable or is their nonverbal communication closed? What do their grimaces say? Do they seem relaxed and positive or are they tense, serious, sad? What about the tone of voice, do they show affection and interest in other people?

2. Presence
The biggest enemy of productivity at work is distraction, and the same goes for interacting with people.

People with high social intelligence understand that their presence is the strongest asset. Physical presence is not enough, we must be present emotionally and mentally. Connecting with people becomes challenging if we don’t pay enough attention to them.

With all external distractions, we must learn to calm our inner dialogue and focus on the person in front of us. “Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to answer them,” businessman Stephen Covey said.

The best thing you can do for a greater presence is mind meditation. Studies have shown that it helps regulate emotions, better focus and memory, and reduces stress, which helps develop better communication with others.

3. Authenticity
Albrecht breaks down authenticity into three parts: self-respect, faith in one’s own values, and honesty with others. When we have all three, others perceive us as authentic.

However, the backbone of authenticity is in our self-awareness in which a deep understanding of our values ​​plays a key place. We will never become the person we want to be if we don’t know what that person exactly looks like.

Albrecht suggests writing down the values ​​we strive for and asking ourselves the following:

What are my talents?
What motivates and makes me happy?
What did I learn from the experiences and how did they make me a better person?
How can my talents help others?
The answers to these questions will clarify your values ​​and improve your decision-making process.

4. Clarity
Clarity is key in communication. Socially intelligent people work consistently to express their thoughts and feelings, and in a considerate way.

Albrecht recommends that you practice clearer communication by writing, studying strong speakers around you, watching strong speeches, recording yourself until we are satisfied with the way we uttered what we wanted.

The ability to simplify complex ideas is a skill that is increasingly important in our hectic world.

5. Empathy
Empathy is a bridge that connects people and creates connections and the most important trait of socially intelligent people. It allows us to identify with others and be vulnerable.


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